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36 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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Yana 36 years old Ukraine Kharkov, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I can and want to dream )

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I need to feel that man love me, otherwise there will be nothing to expect that I will reveal my soul. I will only get married for love, without delay, creating a family and I want to make my house comfortable for my husband. I have good taste, I consider myself a skillful hostess and great cooker. I adore decorating house especially before New Year season. I like to cook borscht and varenyky. Have you ever tried these dishes? I have settled opinions. I'm looking for a man worthy to create a family. To me, reliability is the most important thing in relationship, confidence in a partner, rather than the external manifestations of feelings. I can appreciate the peace and harmony of the union of love, but a lot depends on a man. My opinion is that the marital union of a man not only enjoy the privileges, but it also carries certain obligations, because these things are interrelated. Responsibility in a marriage, I believe, falls on both spouses. In people I like honesty, punctuality, thrift, and ingenuity. I hate dirt, vulgarity, laziness. I think that I was allocated from the general environment particularly extreme emotional flexibility, sense of purpose.

About me:

I love life, people, good weather and nature. I always want to be yourself. I love to love and be loved. Love is the greatest meaning, which is in my life. I am quick-tempered, but I am very kind person. Also I am very direct person, I even cannot lie at all. I am not jealous. By nature I am a fighter. I am charming, elegant, well dancing, interesting conversationalist, have a great warmth. I have a good intuition, I am aware of everything that I do. If the relationship with the people add up properly, I just, sincere and cordial. I love life and people who I meet on my way. What do I appreciate in people? Kindness, sincerity, friendliness, generosity. I understand that nobody is perfect and I see everybody as a whole, the way the person is with both positive and negative features. I will try to catch some special characteristic in each person I meet, individual and unique feature. That is why I do not support people who stick to the generally accepted standards and try to correspond with them.


Professional Sportsman