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Anti Scam Protection Policy

Step2Love cares about its members and our reputation more than anything. We provide our members with a safe and secure dating website where real relationships can be built. 

Step2Love is a verified international dating website that works with the best dating agencies in Eastern Europe — the main countries are Ukraine and Europe. Our team personally verifies ladies who register from the agencies by keeping copies of her ID/Passport information and Tax Identity Number.  All Slavic women in our database are at least 18 years old.

NOTE: You can see a checkmark next to the lady’s name, which means the profile was verified. 

Our team strongly encourages our members to report all allegations of fraud/scam because it helps us offer high-quality services on our website. So, if you believe that you have been scammed, please contact us and provide as much evidence as possible, such as a chat transcript, screenshots, letters, links, etc. We will then investigate and inform you of our decision.

Any scammer exposed will be immediately deactivated from our dating website and banned in the agency.

How to recognize scam: 

  • The woman asks to send her money or expensive gifts via chats or emails. 

  • The woman's profile is listed on the dating site; however, she is unaware that her dating profile is being used. 

  • The woman deliberately refuses to video chat with you after regular communication in the past, including text chat/letters. 

  • The lady's profile is intentionally incorrect (she is actually in a relationship / she did not tell us that she has children / her age is not real / her photos are not real.

Not scam: 

  • If the woman can only communicate using translating apps. 

  • Using agencies professional translators to help them communicate. 

  • The woman posted her profile on other dating sites. Agencies so that to increase her chances of finding the perfect match.

  • If the woman lost interest in you. 

  • A woman refuses to communicate with you on social media. 

Anyone who engages in fraud/scam or dishonest behavior will be immediately and permanently excluded from Step2Love. If you think you may be communicating with a scammer, do not hesitate to inform us here (contact us) of your suspicions.

How to avoid being scammed: 

  • Do not share confidential personal or financial information with other people here.

  • Do not send money or expensive gifts to anyone outside of our gift shop. NOTE! When using our gift shop we pledge to send you photo evidence of a lady receiving their gifts. 

  • Do not share personal contact information with ladies you do not know well.

  • Have video chats regularly.

  • If you have any doubts, please contact us.

However, be aware that misunderstandings can arise between you and the lady, especially when communication is between people from different countries. We encourage you to ask questions in a respectful manner that can resolve any potential issues. Again, when dealing with others on an online dating platform, a common-sense approach is required.

With love,
Step2Love team