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46 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

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Tatyana 46 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

i am here to start a new chapter of life with online dating service help. right now i miss love in my life and i believe there is no better feeling or greater joy than falling in love. even cynics and jaded individuals are bound to sing a different tune once they realize that they have fallen hopelessly in love with another person. i will treat my man with tenderness, and compliments. in return i expect him to always be brave, not be quarrelsome, have a calm, steady disposition, be affectionate, attentive, treat me with utmost respect and appreciate my feminine side. ;)

About me:

everyday i strive to enjoy life and to make others around me laugh. i am extroverted and will talk to strangers easily. i love to travel and want a companion to enjoy life with. i love beaches and sunsets. i always do the best i can to live happy throughout each day. sometimes there are struggles and moments of despair and grief, but it's not how many times or the ways in which we are knocked down. it's the way we rise back up through god's grace like a phoenix from the ashes that defines who we are.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

i am interested in all forms of art, novels, short stories' poetry, painting, drawing, music. i also love to travel and have been already to some exotic places. ;) i enjoy being with friends, meeting and getting to know new people to learn their backgrounds, points of view, and thinking