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39 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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Elena 39 years old Ukraine Kharkov, European bride profile, step2love.com

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What can I say? I am here to find my man. For me are very important such qualities as confidence, kindness, willingness to take care of me. I don't ask for nothing more than to feel myself safe in my man's arms. Be sure, I have a lot of love to give you!

About me:

I consider myself an honest person and a true friend. Friends consider me naive, well, I do not know, they know better! In any case - I am not ashamed of it. I like to trust others, because in fact there are a lot of good people around. Since childhood, I believe in the principle of the boomerang, perhaps this is my main life motto "the evil comes back" and yet "the more you give, the more comes to you." I do not understand selfish people, I feel sincerely pity for them, because it is such a happiness to care, to love, to help others!You want relationship with ukrainian woman and marriage?mm