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23 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Anastasiya 23 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: even dont know what to say today at this situation.....

Looking for:

Of cause every girl dreams to meet her prince but I understand that there are no ideal people in the world. I value inner world of the person as I understand that outside beauty will pass but if the person is beautiful inside he will remain beautiful for me at any age. I need an intelligent man with whom I will be able to talk about any, even stupid, thing with whom my days will be the happiest in the world. I would like him to be attentive and caring, honest and reliable and have a sense of humour.

About me:

I like to enjoy life and spent my time with my family. We are very close and i want to have the same in my new family!!I like to smile and be open with people, like to spent weekend on nature with nice friends company or just reading my favourite book and dreaming about something wonderful I like to be suraunded with beautiful things...And I try to make the worl beautiful around me.Would you like I make happy and beautiful family for you?