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28 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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Valentina 28 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, European bride profile, step2love.com

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Ideal relationship Ideal man for me is a man who wont leave me alone at night to go out with friends. Sorry, I dont want to tell my man what to do but its just the matter of emotional state. I cant be alone at night. Or there is another way, you can let a friend girl of course stay at night with me if you still have to leave for some important reason. I need a man who is responsible enough to make decisions.This is why for me important to find a man, who also not care about society's opinion and ready to do anything to make himself happy. I don't mean in an amoral way. But in a freeway, to feel free is very important!! Would you like to try to know each other better? The main is to be yourself. Hope I will find love on this site.

About me:

Now I am abroad, I fled my native country because of the war and started my new life alone here, but I don't want to be like this forever... I strive to find compatibility in the person I see next to me every day. what can I say to myself. I'm not sure even a day will be enough for me to talk about what happened to me this year ... and explain who I am to get to know me for real. Now I work in a small restaurant, I got a job here not so long ago , and a lot of people come to me whom I try to make a little happier with my food... "YOU'RE CUTE!!!" Yes, you're right, but it is.Hello, if you reading this I ask you to read till the end. I know I am not a perfect girl but if you already opened my profile something got your interest. I hope my job doesn't disturb you and will not scare you away. In Ukraine, it is difficult to get a good job. I tried so hard to never let my complexes let me down or lose my life chances because of them. This is why I decided to open my mind and not to care about society's opinion about me and what I do. Could I become a Ukrainian bride in spite of this?