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25 years old Ukraine Dnipro

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Aleksandra 25 years old Ukraine Dnipro, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: happiness and peace to all of us!!

Looking for:

Human language is so poor to describe the love. And thanks to God that it is so. The point is not that there are no words to express love, the point is that the words in abundance, and there is no love in them. Love is not for talk about. Love is to feel it. And i want to feel it. With one, unique, special man, my life partner. Who will open his heart for me and let us fall in love.

About me:

Many aspire to the ideal, look for profitable marriage, financial stability, sets the bar high.. I prefer to live now and today! Enjoy every day, every ray of sunshine, every rainy day and just smile to people. Nothing happens just like that! We attract to ourselves what we want! I'm happy! But I want to love! So here I am. May it be so!!!

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most:

Most of all I appreciate in people sincerity, honesty and loyalty. Yet I have always respected motivated individuals who do not give up never, no matter what difficulties does not present fate, as it often did not put on their knees, they always find the strength to climb on and on. I was very impressed by the intelligent, preferring books TV, but ordinary people. Those who do not flaunt anything that is interesting to talk on any topic, there are not many, but they stand out from the crowd of fools who think that intelligence a fountain of them beats.

My goals for the future:

to marry a prince =)

My travel destinations (past or future):

I really like active holidays I like to travel, because it's so beautiful, to learn something new, communicate with new people, make friends in other countries)) I really love animals and very often I participate in charity, to help my younger brothers it's the smallest thing that I can do))

I spend a lot of time thinking about (or my dream is):

dream to open my own clothing line, publish a book and find a loved one

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

one that lookes memories and emotions,my favorite movies: "Zeigest", "How High"

My favorite food:

I just love to eat ))

Pets in my life:

I really love animals, I adore them. I can not pass by an animal that does not have a home and is so ill in the street. I will help him with help)) In my life there were so many animals that I helped to find a home and good people who will never offend them again and leave them alone)

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

My friends say I am creative person. I enjoy music and theater ... not only watch performances, but to play also! I think theater is much more interesting than movie as you can enjoy live people emotions and express yourself ... I am very romantic and I hope to meet kind loving and romantic man ... Please, email me only if you look for sincere feelings.

Talking about sports:

I can freely call myself a gymnast) I studied rhythmic gymnastics in my childhood. And now I can freely perform various simple gymnastic exercises, such as a twine bridge and many more many different exercises)

The five things I can't live without:

I'm too soft and kind, I can not pass by an animal that is freezing in the street and it's hungry, I will help him with help) For normal mental and biological life, a person must find himself in this world - reconcile his "I" and the outside world. I can not without material and social-spiritual resources of life support, like any other personality) I can not live a single day without a smile))) I can not live a day in an empty, I need to do it, so that I would be happy with my end of the day and sleepily went to bed)

You should message me if:

Even in childhood I dreamed of becoming only the weakness of a strong man, a lady from medieval romances, for which the noble knight wants to perform feats. Will you be my knight?


Artistic / Musical / Writer