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40 years old Ukraine Kherson

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Viktoriya 40 years old Ukraine Kherson, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: Life is beautiful and short, so I like to enjoy every minute.

Looking for:

A MAN!!!!! And also for ideal relations! For me ideal relationships is a happy family. When man and woman tries to share all their feelings between each other. Ideal relationships are happy children. I want to find you, my kind, caring man, to make such relationships with you.

About me:

I am very kind and cute lady. I like to help people. I have a lot of hobbies: sport, cooking, singing, dancing... I hope I will share all of them with you. I like to meet new people and make acquaintance. I have a lot of friends and I like to spend a lot of time outdoors with them. I like to write poems... It is my hobby. I like to take a cup of green tea or coffee, sit near the window (especially when it is rainy weather) and write my poems and texts. I hope you will like them. I also like to travel. I like seaside. When I lived in Simferopol, I liked to walk on the beach. And now I am in Kherson and we also have a river here and I hope we will walk with you there one day.

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most:

Loyalty, respect, sense of humor, lack of greed. An honest person who knows when to lie to spare your feelings.

My goals for the future:

Many people feel as if they're adrift in the world. They work hard, but they don't seem to get anywhere worthwhile. A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven't spent enough time thinking about what they want from life, and haven't set themselves formal goals. I know my goal - it is to find my love. And I will wait you every day! I will hope to meet you!!!!!

My travel destinations (past or future):

I like to travell! And you? Will you travell with me??

I spend a lot of time thinking about (or my dream is):

my future family.

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

I like a lot of kinds of music, movies and books, because all depends to my mood)

My favorite food:

I like chocolade so much)

Pets in my life:

I have a cat.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I've been passionate about hobbies my whole life. I love learning, collecting, researching and developing new skills. Some of these skills have proven useful in my career, and some are just for me to enjoy. Now that it's getting closer to spring I've noticed I have "winter hobbies" - like knitting and crocheting and drawing but in the warmer weather I tend to be more active and enjoying biking and swimming. Right now though, making music and baking are my go to hobbies! they really help me to just relax and mentally escape for a little bit.

Talking about sports:

Running is my perfect "alone time" hobby. I like to run with headphones and listen to my favorite guilty pleasure music. I have time to think. I forget about work. When I'm done I feel renewed. I love all of these things. It's also a good hobby for my personality type, because I can make and achieve small goals, which is a huge source of motivation for me. Right now I'm working my way up to a 10 mile run and it feels amazing to get closer and closer to my goal. In the end the goals are secondary, though. What I get out of my hobby is that it sets aside time just for me. Some people may feel exactly the opposite, needing a social hobby instead.

The five things I can't live without:

I can't live without my mother and father, reading, coffee, passion, love....

You should message me if:

You can burn my fire!


Executive / Management