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36 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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Yuliya 36 years old Ukraine Kharkov, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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I totally agree that love and happiness has to be the basis. I believe that any person using this site and has serious intentions of finding there match shouldn't be afraid of difficulties that may arise from an international marriage, not that it is an issue but the language barrier will be the hardest to overcome, aside from that mutual respect of each others cultures and backgrounds is all that is needed. I do believe that man must be strong and be responsible for his family. He must take care of it as well as woman must take care of her husband. She must take care of all of them but it does not mean that she cannot go at work. I think all depend on woman. If she wants and can be both good wife and nice worker, she does not need to sit at home all the time. For me self-realization in society and in work is very important as to have a loving family.

About me:

I am very pleased that you are interested in my humble person! It is so wonderful when people meet each other while on a huge distance. Honestly, age difference is not important for me, the main thing is relationship and attitude to each other! My family and friends support me in everything, because they want to see me happy! Unfortunately my country does not give me enough opportunities for self-fulfillment and the creation of a family. I know that my happiness is future family, because I am family -oriented person. My dream is to find someone to complement me emotionally and physically who is not afraid of difficulties that may arise in an international marriage and ready for a new adventure, full of love and happiness. I want to have a family where love and understanding are the basis. I would like to have children to love and to take care of.


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