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33 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

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Ekaterina 33 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, European bride profile, step2love.com

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I wish I could answer on this question but I can’t… I’m looking for not a man but feeling I would have around him, such as comfort, security, tenderness, desire to look at him and won’t keep my hands off him, lol)) So no exact criteria. I guess, I looking for an arrow from a Cupid which would hit my heart so all I want is to be with you. Only your actions and behavior will show are you THE ONE for me?))))

About me:

Can I be your miracle? Fulfill all your dreams? I asking this because have feeling that I could be THE ONE for you. Woman, who always would wait on you, who could inspire you on wonderful actions, who would hug you when you feeling bad and who would be your partner in any mischief or when you are in joy. My main qualities are kindness, intelligence, value to family, erudition, love to arts, playfulness, sense of humor. I generally believe that sense of humor is one of the most important kinds of character and if you can laugh – nothing could make ground slip away from you. I love kittens, lol, love romantic comedies, long walks around the city with cup of latte, tennis, high heels and bright colors. Such bright lady with huge smile as I am couldn’t love dark and miserable things))))