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27 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

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Yuliya 27 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I do not care for the appearance of a man, I want my man to be kind and considerate, so that he can share my interests and I him. I want a man to be understanding and open to me, because when people in relationships are open to each other - it is easier for them to understand what partner needs. The most important quality in a man is devotion and support, because love does not fade when both partners sincerely welcome each other and give motivation to move on.

About me:

I'm kind, sympathetic, friendly. I always try to help people who need it. I try to keep my body in shape, I go in for sports. I am always glad for new acquaintances and meetings.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I'm engaged in music, singing and learning to play the guitar, creating music for me means creating something special that can express my soul. I love cooking special dishes, I prefer baking and desserts, because I like to indulge my family with sweetnesses. I'm just as crazy about walking by the sea, because in my childhood I lived by the sea and every day I bathed and spent on the beach, the sound of waves, wet sand cast me a romantic mood.