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21 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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Alina 21 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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Looking for:

A man who is not afraid of serious relationships and who is not afraid of the thought of a family! I am ready to be the Queen in the kingdom where my future husband-King will be the head of the family! I want to admit that I have a weakness for men who are older than me ... I see in them upbringing and experience, understanding how this world works and ready for changes in their lives and desire to have a family! A man who is ready for experiments, I want to start! My first experiment - Yoga for two? I want to wait with a hot dinner for my man from work, so that he would appreciate the care and love and meet me with a warm hug!

About me:

Be happy and people will be happy around you? YES This is my rule in life! I believe that a happy person is one who enjoys even a small ray of light in gloomy weather! I believe that if I am happy and make people happy next to me, If they say who is the most smiling person, then I am sure that people will point to me) I take good care of my appearance and my health, I believe that if I want to find a KING, then I must look like a QUEEN! Will I choose a bad and harmful way of life - NO I will be happy to have a barbecue in nature, but not to sit in a club at night! I love to cook Ukrainian food and serve goodies to people close to me! I love traveling and dream of taking a photo with my future loved one under the Elf Tower in Paris!