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27 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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Adelina 27 years old Ukraine Kharkov, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

Me and my man have same interests: cinematography, photography, music, traveling. He is easy going enough to agree with my enthusiastic ideas for our journeys and ready to take seven flights in seven days - that's what real relax for me! I want to see the world but it only worth if you have someone next to you to share these emotions with... So, you don't have to perfect, but you have to be interesting and unique! And you have special bonuses if: - you like photography - you play music instruments - good with babies - have a beard! Good luck to both of us ;)

About me:

To start with: I'm not a princess, so I'm not looking for a prince from fairy tale, and that's why I want real man! Who's real man? He is patient, confident, intelligent. He takes responsibility and I can hold on to him, I know he can manage anything if it's needed. My life made me strong enough and now I need someone stronger than me — I won't be a little girl, I just need to share my way with somebody who can say "Everything's going to be fine!". But not only say - help me to make it out together! He's a friend, soul mate, lover - everything in one so I won't need no other!

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I'm an artistic person so I'd like my love to be interested in arts too. It's not necessary to create, but I want to feel support in everything I do and also criticism - you can move on only when you know you are not perfect! But, maybe, good enough ;) I'm fond of traveling and taking photos, because memories for me are priceless! That's why I'm trying not to miss any chance to see something out of my everyday routine. I will teach my man how to be dead tired, but endlessly happy after a long day of waking around new city or live show of favourite musician! Small moments make life have sense and you always need to have a goal to live and move for! Now my goal is love in every sense of this world, so... Let's score this goal together? ;)