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45 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

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Kseniya 45 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I'm sure each person on this planet has his soul mate. So I'm looking for him. And I hope he is looking for me too:-) In this case our search will complete quicker:-) But I will not tell you all my secrets just right here)

About me:

I can say that I am good person))) But if I asked my friends to describe me (I would give them a hard time too :)) they would probably answer that I am a very loyal and devoted person, and a good friend for I always help my friends when they are in trouble and am happy for them in the times of joy. I have always thought that a real friend is not only a “friend in need”, but a friend who can be sincerely happy for you when something pleasant in your life happens, without envy and bitterness for his own imperfections in life.I am faithful not only in friendship, but in love too.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

You know, the range of my interests is pretty wide. I like animals (especially wild cats), nature (the sights here are very picturesque) and traveling (every trip brings you some new emotions and impressions. It may be another street or another planet - everything will do! :) I also like rain and the sound of the waves breaking. A little romance makes me feel so wonderful!


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