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37 years old Ukraine Lvov

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Ivanna 37 years old Ukraine Lvov, European bride profile, step2love.com

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-I'm an open woman and ready to start my new life with you. I want to give you the warmth of my soul, the joy of knowing ... I am sure that when you give something good, you will surely receive the same in return. You must have already found out that I was a positive woman, and you would never see me in depression or deep sadness. I want to make someone happy, I want to tell you every day "Good morning", "Sweet dreams" "Good day" - not just as a wish - but aware of these words every day. People close their eyes to see colored dreams, and I do not want to go to sleep and choose to come here better to dream with you about our future reality. I prefer not to be alone and want to find a man who feels the same way. I am ready to change my life, learn a new language and have new friends abroad. I'm open for discovering the world!

About me:

I am a woman who is full of my own energy, open for new things and ready to learn to become the perfect one) You will never be bored with me and your life will be filled with positive moments that will be kept in your memory. Maybe I have got not a very interesting profession for you - I'm a lawyer and an assistant accountant at a small private company. But I love life, creativity, sports, traveling, and being ready to create romantic moments to keep our fire forever. My man will never be disappointed with my culinary skills and I am always ready to learn to improve myself and satisfy my man's passions. I am a wonderful smart woman with life experience, and these qualities are perfect for making a happy relationship with my future lover.