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24 years old Ukraine Kremenchug

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Darya 24 years old Ukraine Kremenchug, European bride profile, step2love.com

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Looking for:

I believe that a man must have his goals in life. But, but … it is okay for me if he does have any goals. This is a personal matter for everyone i think. The main thing is that values and meanings coincide with the satellite, and there is a desire to spend time together. We need to have something in common, some mutual things that we like to do. What do we have in common the only time may show, but at the beginning i would be glad to meet just a simple and kind man with a nice sense of humor so i will feel always nice mood with him and playful talks!

About me:

I am calm and balanced, my mum always tells that my future husband will be so lucky to have me as i am not a drama persone, moreover sometimes i am so much calm so that my mum even do not know i am home. I can spent time in the room and she wont know i am there:))) I can also say that i am funny and perky, always make fun of my girls but all the time in a good way of course! I can be affectionate, romantic, caring, faithful, sincere but not with everyone!! Just special people to me can see and feel my care and tenderness. At home i am very feminine and real hostess. I always cook and clean when my parents at work. Prefer to put some nice music and start cleaning. By the way it is one of my favorite ways to relax and relieve the stress! I love listening to music, reading, traveling and chatting with friends.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I love listening to music, reading, traveling and chatting with friends. I am doing fitness, without training I can not live a day. Always when there is no chance to go to the gym or class i stay home but still doing some trainings. But of course training in a class with trainer and other girls bring me so much positive emotions!