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19 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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ID: 957169
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Viktoriia 19 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: waiting for something special....or someone

Looking for:

man for me? Are you not afraid of me if I have a combat pistol? heh heh... First of all, the one who can tame my fire and sharpness!) Since I'm a pretty energetic girl!) And, accordingly, I need someone who is ready to accept me like that! Who loves Ukrainian girls who have a real feminine and toned body shape! Who love girls in strict police equipment and shield them as attractive! A man who sees charm and femininity in me Since my character will invariably conquer the most demanding male heart A man who does not mind a relationship with a girl who is younger than him! It's important for me! I'm looking for a man who will not mind that I'm younger! Are you against the age difference? Is it taboo for you? You don't suit me! hehe rude? Sorry, I'm used to saying everything directly! I am an honest representative of the order in my country! Therefore, I can offer to play criminal and police ... hehe this is my idea for fun !

About me:

A beauty in a strict form is an object of dreams for any man! I'll tell you about myself, I'm a pretty young girl who has already started working in the police unit! Because of the war, I was allowed to receive training as an external student! A girl who combines mind, good physical shape, ingenuity, Beauty and attractiveness! Yes, I think I'm pretty attractive in this Outfit! I live far enough from my parents and said goodbye to them a couple of years ago! I did not visit them, because they wanted to refuse me ... we have a conflict, They are against the fact that I would be a police girl! Still, I hope that my person can be worthy of relationship and love! I am ready for changes in my life and serious relationships! I pray to be an attractive and desirable future girl for a man!

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

My hobbies are sports and shooting! I constantly keep my physical shape in order! I love being first in everything! I like this in my character!