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38 years old Ukraine Lugansk

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Anna 38 years old Ukraine Lugansk, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: Simple perfect ... it's me)) .. what should a girl do to get your attention?

Looking for:

There are thousands of people on this site who hope to find a kindred soul, to feel mutual chemistry, to find a special person who will make heart to beat faster. I joined this site with open heart and pure intentions, being honest and sincere I have no desire to play any games - I am here to find a man for happy family life and I believe that the future has much in store for me and my future partner. I am so eager to bring harmony, bright colours into the life of my future beloved man, make love flourish and build the special bond between us that will never be broken. Being very affectionate, understanding, gentle and loyal I am eager to devote all of myself to my only man as the happiness which will start to live inside my soul will be due to him, and him alone. I have very traditional family values and I am very constant with my ideas.

About me:

I adore reading books, being on nature with my relatives and friends! Also listening to good music and communication with people....I could cook very well, and always keep my house in order. I like all things to be on their own place! Our houses are like our souls, and they should be clean)