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29 years old Lebanon Beirut

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Yuliya 29 years old Lebanon Beirut, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: Would you like some juice !)

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You may be surprised , but I have different outlook on marriage, than most women do. I do love kids very much, but I don't feel necessity to have children, I really think that husband and wife already is a full happy family and we can enjoy this life together, work , live every day, travel and make each other happy. So I hope to meet a partner , who would share my point of view and we could have a chance to build our future together.

About me:

I'm Yuliia and I am a dancer, currently living in Lebanon temporarily. I may look like a tigeress at some point, make up and clothes, but I'm a soft kitten inside, who dreams of meeting a partner next to whom I could purrrrr... ;))) As you can see I'm very optimistic and with huge sense of humor) It seems like the world is going upside down, but I always believe that it is always darker before the dawn... So hopefully the destiny will bring me to a nice gentleman, and we will meet each other soon already in any part of the world we will chose!)

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

Dancing, reading, taking photos, make up and fashion, sports