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28 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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ID: 286004
Last seen: Few months ago
Darya 28 years old Ukraine Kharkov, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I would like to meet an honest man with kind eyes. A man who will never lie to me, but can tell me everything in the world. Which will become my friend, brother, lover, a person who will replace me all the people around. Of course, he dreams of a Russian wife. Of course, I would like to feel next to him a little girl, which will always be taken care of and protected, for the back of which you can hide behind a stone wall. Of course, with a wonderful sense of humor, that he could always pin me and make me laugh. I want to find a man who will be as free as the soul, like me, for everything new and unexplored. To be stately, like Apollo, white-toothed, like a real predator, and strong, like Hercules. To be able to curb a girl like me. Would you be able to?

About me:

I'm quite a young girl with a great desire to plunge into real feelings, to experience all the joys from the depths of passions, to feel the trembling in my knees from the mere glance of a real man. Does age mean anything at such thoughts? I think not. As the famous writer said, "Love of all ages is submissive." And when you really want to love, the whole world is open to you. I am very caring, I love to do surprises, especially spontaneous trifles. Do you like to wake up from the aroma of coffee in bed? Or can receive gifts without a reason? In a relationship, I give myself completely to my partner, absorb it completely. Look, so you can dissolve in my love)


My work is connected with animals and that's why I spend a lot of time in nature)