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43 years old Ukraine Sumy

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Elena 43 years old Ukraine Sumy, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

You can feel relaxed if you are kind heart and faithful man. I will not expect you to be superman but care enough about family and find time for us to be together! There I one thing which I really do not like in men if they can be ignorant to their women. Do you agree family it is biggest treasure which person can have?? Yes? So you are my man!

About me:

I think only selfish people feel easy to boast themselves! I always feel little bit shy when I should talk about my advantages! But still I have them a lot! First of all I am caring and loving mother of 12 years old girl!!i am proud of it))) Do not worry she will not make problem for us! I am have very polite character and maybe it is why I cant stand when people who yell or behave rude. I think I my character it is combination of hommy woman who still likes little adventure))))) If you want tender and sensitive wife it is probably I am !))))

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

If you offer me to go to the cruise around the world it will be best offer to share our free time! I adore travel and have few dreams about it. I also like to do things by hands and this part of interests I share with my daughter. I guess when we meet you definitely will get handmade surprise for me! I hope you will like it))) So, when are you going to point meeting for us??