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25 years old Ukraine Lvov

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Elizaveta 25 years old Ukraine Lvov, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: What is the passion for you ?😋

Looking for:

It is important for me that a man has the same huge and kind heart as mine. It is important for me that we can be open with each other and can sincerely discuss any topic. I'm not looking for a prince, I'm looking for a companion with whom we will do everything to be happy, even if it is strange for others, the main thing is that we will be happy from it.

About me:

About myself, I can say that I am very purposeful, cheerful, light. I have a brother whom I love very much and who motivates me very much. I have very healthy family values as my parents are a great example for me. I have a very kind heart and I really love animals and I love to help them. I believe that kindness can make this world a better place.

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most:

In a person, most of all, I value reliability, so that you can always rely on him, and at the same time, gentle and kind. So that my life partner, my beloved man, was a life partner, was smart and attentive with me. was an interesting conversationalist, and we could talk to him about everything in the world.

My goals for the future:

My goal is to find my love, my soul mate, my man and share my fate with him.

My travel destinations (past or future):

I love travel, I see passion in them! Seeing the whole world together would be a great goal. I hope that the future man will appreciate my desire and share it! The next goal is to visit Paris, together with your loved one. Will you be him?

I spend a lot of time thinking about (or my dream is):

I dream one day with my man to take off in a balloon, holding hands and confessing our love to each other, would I take such a step, are you afraid of heights?

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

I love chocolate and TV shows, I often watch melodramas about love, but next to me I miss a partner with whom we can watch interesting films in the evenings in an embrace.

My favorite food:

I love healthy food because I follow my figure, but I love baking very much, I like to cook it myself.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I love to draw, I get a lot of pleasure and peace when I do needlework, it calms me down and relaxes me a lot. In my free time I can go to the cinema with my friends or spend an evening reading an interesting book.

Talking about sports:

I like to spend my free time with benefit, for example, doing sports, going to the gym for many years, as it is good for my health, and a beautiful figure is always a priority.

You should message me if:

If you are looking for a girl who gives you her heart with love and tenderness, I am waiting for you.


My work for me is like a hobby that brings me money. I don’t like to develop in this area, to keep pace with the times. I like to see the beautiful and happy faces of my clients.