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48 years old Poland Warshawa

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Laniya 48 years old Poland Warshawa, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I believe in love

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I believe that there is no one-sided relationship. If they are, then they are short-lived, since the relationship between two people is like a rose, which must be carefully looked after so that it grows and becomes even more beautiful. A man should protect and protect a woman, a woman should give care and warmth to a man. Both partners should listen to their inner voices, support each other, empathize, worry, be proud that they have a soul mate. In such a relationship, peace and harmony will always reign, and any problems will be resolved calmly.

About me:

Hello there! I am a very peaceful lady, love communication, I appreciate time of other people. I like comfort and different lovely things that make our life bright and memorable. I am a very kind and warm-hearted person. I am a kind, loving, tender lady with a big and sincere heart. I am an open person and do not like when people lie. I love very much children. I am looking here for a nice and kind man, with a loving and tender heart. You can be strong during the day, but I want to feel real you in the night. Life as so complex and there are many lonely hearts on Earth and it is so difficult to find a soul mate. But I believe that all the people in search they will soon find their soul mates and you and I are also lucky in our search) And, so I think that can be a time to take a chance and stay happy ))

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

Picnics, outdoors, beaches.


make up designer