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35 years old Ukraine Dnipro

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ID: 281292
Last seen: Few months ago
Irina 35 years old Ukraine Dnipro, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I see near me charismatic, self-confident and kind men, he is self-sufficient and have great sense of humor and...i am sure he EXIST!)) I want us to enjoy all happiness of live together, open each other and world together!) I want to travel i think it make couples closer, when you learn something jump with parachute, it will be great if we can do it together!)) I know how to care and bring warmth, want to feel it too for real!)

About me:

In my life i try to do everything with love and this is simple key to human happiness, but i am still in search of key of woman happiness!) I breed Jack Russell dogs and this make my life full of happiness and positive emotions!) I have my own dog called Ellada Bonita, so I hope you love dogs, if not we know how to change it))hah Except this i like to cook,especially sweets Cheesecake and useful sweets from fruits))mmm I love my life but miss real men in it, hope to find him soon and become happy without any "but"!))