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38 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye

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Yuliya 38 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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I see myself in a happy strong family, self-sufficient, healthy, beautiful, successful, but i am sure i can attain this with the right man with me!) With whom one day we can jump with a parachute, have dinner at the Eiffel Tower, meet the dawn in Africa)) Am i romantic? Yeeesss)) And i want my man to be romantic too, i think this is how we feel that feelings are still exist and strong!)

About me:

I think that smile can make day better, so like to start my day with look at the sun and wide smile)) I enjoy dancing, embroidering, at childhood i was writing children's tales and they even were published in the newspaper so i am almost famous)))hehe I am good at cooking (I like to tinker with a dough) But not a fan, you should know)) I also like to read books, watching a good movie, go to the theater)