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43 years old Ukraine Sumy

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Nadejda 43 years old Ukraine Sumy, European bride profile, step2love.com

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I cant say that I have calm character. I am adult woman and i know what i want from my life. I am not looking for some crazy one day relations, I need a man for long time) I would like him to be adult enough to never betray and never cheat! if he likes to play computer games - it is not a problem) I am modern lady as well) but no cheating with other ladies. is it too much nowadays to ask?

About me:

I never talk bad about people I dont know, I never judge and I always try to help to close to me people, if I can help of course! I consider myself like a reliable person. I always keep my word! of course I am not ideal, I have a few sins, if you want to know those sins - at least start conversation with me, I cant talk about myself too much in my profile, coz it is not polite)) but the main you need to know about my character now - it is that I am REALIABLE person. I think adult man will really value this point! coz it is very hard nowadays to find reliable person you could wait a help or support from. I would like to support my man in everything - from his job to some points connected with his car repairing!!!) I am not career oriented person of course! you saw in my profile that I have two daughters. They are twins) So a lot of time I give to them now, of course they have a nanny and it will help me to find my man on this website) So i will have time for my future man as well!! dont worry))) I go to gym 3 times in a week, so i am trying to be in shape! maybe i am a little bit fat now (you can see it on my photos), but i promise to be better in 2-3 months!) p.s. I have a car, and i am a good driver)


I have my own business. it is middle size restaurant (cocktail bar) with European cuisine.