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20 years old Ukraine Khmelnitsky

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ID: 564089
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Ivanna 20 years old Ukraine Khmelnitsky, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I want to meet a man who can make me happy and be happy with me! I just want to enjoy a relationship that will be between us, enjoy my man and enjoy life together! I am looking for older more experienced man who is ready for serious relations and for new life experience.My priority in search of the future beloved is pretty simple. I am not looking for an ideal man, as nobody's perfect. But, I want to see the carrying, loving and extremely kind person by my side. It does not mean that he suppose to be weak in all aspects of life. I like taking care of the man and truly believe that he should take care of me as well.

About me:

I am very honest and open person. I really like to spend time talking with people who are very close to me! I love the comfort of home. But Id also like to engage in active sports. I consider myself a kind of sea, I like to go to the sea, enjoy the beauty of the sea landscape, the beauty of the sand. I go to gym and love sport. Music is part of my life. Also i love to make photos and to model for photo. Can you be my photographer? Well, I can tell you that with me you will never get bored. I am the person who likes having fun, making people laugh and spending a great time. It does not mean that I cant cope and hold any serious situation that my appear in life. But, I prefer stay optimistic then thinking negatively. Life is too short not to enjoy it. I am active and interesting girl. I am good-mixer and like joyful company.I like meeting new interesting people and if you want to know more about me,talk to me my dear. I dream about getting to know you too