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26 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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Regina 26 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, European bride profile, step2love.com

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it is very difficult to say what is the ideal man? probably you have to be the perfect girl in order to have the perfect man next to you, but I'm not perfect and I never wanted to have the perfect man by my side. But there are things that I would really like to see in my partner. First of all, it is devotion, tenderness and sincerity. But it's probably very nice character to be with a man who is stronger than you hehe, In return, I also have a lot of things that I can give, I hope I can cost as much for what I want.

About me:

All I can say about myself is that I don't have a family... Yes, my mother is alive, but invisible to her... my mother had many men and one of them was my father who left her seventeen years ago. I would like to build a normal family and for this I am ready to change ... I am very afraid that someone like me ... a girl who has never seen and never lived in a normal family will be able to do this. I didn't get a happy family not only that ...not only that.. Now I live in Lvov, in a small village in a kind family that sheltered me..I do programming. I know that this is not a job for a girl, but it seems to me that this is very promising and maybe this is the future, who knows. I also really like a quiet passive type of recreation, probably because of this I dont have many friends, parties are not my thing.