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22 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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Anastasiya 22 years old Ukraine Kharkov, European bride profile, step2love.com

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I wish to meet a person who will appreciate my inner world and understand me. He should be able to be kind, patient, restrained and understanding, not allowing himself to go into a raised tone in an argument. A man should always be wise and be able to find a compromise in difficult situations and a way out of a difficult situation. I prefer romantic men who appreciate beauty and show their best feelings. Not external beauty, but charm and masculinity are of greater importance to me. I want to meet an active man like me, who is not averse to spending a vacation, going on a hike in the wild with the whole family or spending a vacation outside the city, where the air is clean and only the sounds of nature are heard. The main quality that a man should have is willpower, cordiality and responsibility for the family. Age and appearance do not really matter, the main thing is inner beauty and youth in the soul.

About me:

My philosophy in life is "Love will save the World!" And I have a lot of LOVE for this world, people and nature. To the depths of my soul I understand and fully share the commandment of Jesus Christ - “if you were hit on one cheek, turn the other”, because this is the only way to defeat evil - not reflecting it, not allowing it to enter your soul, extinguishing it with your humility. I never allow myself to get angry and angry, I don't raise my voice to anyone, I don't argue, it's hard to knock me out of a rut. I accept people as they are. I respect any religion on earth and for me it is not an obstacle to starting a family if a man is another faith with me. I love life immensely and dream of becoming a mother. I am a young, cheerful, energetic girl who is ready to build an endless love story. I am kind and sympathetic, I have many friends, I easily find a common language with a variety of people. I am sweet, feminine, beautiful and bright. I know my own worth without false modesty, so I expect an appropriate attitude towards myself - respect. I am a caring, attentive, warm-hearted and empathetic girl. I dream of a wonderful big family, a caring and loving husband, children. I believe that the main thing in life is to enjoy it and be happy. I dream of traveling the world, seeing different countries, seeing the sights of different countries and finding my own piece of the Earth, dear to my heart. I hope that dating service will help me in choosing a soul mate, with whom I will go one step in life.