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26 years old Ukraine Uman'

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Anna 26 years old Ukraine Uman', Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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I am a very creative girl so I'm looking for a man who could help me develop and maybe I can help him do it. A man should be thus to could protect me such a fragile ) I want to feel protected alongside you. Of course, it must be open faithful and what also important to be good at mmmmm...)) Age is not important for me. I believe that love exists regardless of age and if we are created for each other then it does not matter !)

About me:

I can tell you a lot about myself ....but I think I will say the most important thing ... We'll keep the rest a secret ... Let it remain a mystery ... can you guess? So about me, I am an honest, friendly, active sexy and always smiling girl, but single. I have many Hobbies !) I'm trying to experience everything I can! I am one of those people who believe that in life you need to try everything !) ...Well, of course, there are certain limitations ... So Hobbies.... is my list of Hobbies: I play two musical instruments ... Guess what))) music is a big part of my life so I sing too...I also like to draw pictures .... but I only do it when I'm inspired... Sports, Dancing, Cooking, Traveling... This is only a small part of my Hobbies and interests..... want to know more?) I can tell you in our communication...