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22 years old Ukraine Lvov

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Anastasiia 22 years old Ukraine Lvov, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: Would you like to watch the movie with me?🙈

Looking for:

Find a satellite? A difficult question about preferences ... since I believe that I can meet a man that I never even dreamed of! I believe that a man can reveal femininity and joy in me! I will thank him with care and love! I want an interlocutor who knows how to listen and hear! I believe that people should communicate and get acquainted! And people should get to know each other! hehe I dream of meeting the king on a white horse)) Maybe my dream will come true in time! I believe that the more I believe in it, the faster it can become a reality! A man who does not mind changing his life with a new passion, his future wife!

About me:

Tell about yourself ? I am a girl from Ukraine who tried to escape from the war... The fact is that I grew up and lived in the city of Sumy After the start of the full invasion of Ukraine, Sumy fell under a hot spot! I was forced to leave for another city, Lviv, and now I live here ... The move was very difficult for me, as I did it alone! An unfamiliar city to which you run and seek asylum...fear! Now I make new acquaintances every day, as I work as a Brow-master and meet many different girls! For which I am not just a master but also a psychologist! I listen to them and get to know them, people are very pleased with my work and my kindness! The fact is that I often heard about relationships ... that I was beautiful and lonely, and they laughed at me ... But they didn't know my main preference...I'll tell you when I'm talking to a man here!

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I like to run in the morning and drink fresh juice after a run! I love trying new sports! I want to be successful in everything! To be a professional! Hehe I want and believe that my fate in finding love on an international dating site, I will be able to find love! And I will be happy when I feel love on myself!