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35 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Valeriya 35 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

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I want to find my person - for me it means the one with whom I will be happy, with whom we will build understanding, love, harmony in relationship. I am serious about my searching. I imagine my man as kind-hearted, with good sense of humor and reliable. I want to find elder man since he knows life well and he knows what he wants from life. I want to find a man , who will be honest and kind, noble also as I want to have someone who can make me feel protected and loved .

About me:

I can find joy in everyday life. I live in a joyful present. I willingly and willingly forgive. My life is complete and harmonious. I boldly part with the past and enjoy my freedom. Love opens doors to new possibilities for me. Love helps me make the right choices. I feed myself with love. Love heals my body, my mind and my emotions. Living by the law of love, I find happiness. I am genuine and charming, very delicate, extremely affectionate, out-going, goal-oriented, curious, often excited about everything new, also feminine, intelligent, really joyful, very devoted, romantic and tender-hearted.