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25 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Marina 25 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

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I often work at weddings and dream that one day I will be a beautiful bride too))) I'm here for one purpose, to find a husband here. A person close to me advised me of this place. Now I want to find a strong man with a strong stomach, who will love my pastries as well as me. A man who will help me make my dreams come true, at the same time I will help emu with evo dreams. I know that my beloved will never be bored with me, just as she will never be hungry. I need a man who will not wait for someone who is really ready for a real relationship and for a real meeting.

About me:

I am a cheerful positive person in my 20 years, I have long been independent! I lived in China for half a year and worked there as a cake chef! I also lived in Kiev and Lviv !!! I can be independent and take care of myself. After living in China, I realized that I can adapt to any country and culture. I like to learn something new. I don’t want to live in my country anymore and am ready to move to any country!


I am a pastry chef! This is my favorite childhood activity. my grandmother was a wedding chef, she set the table for everyone, she taught me Ukrainian and Russian cuisine, I was so glad that I continued to study different cuisines of the world, now I know not only Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. My grandmother taught me everything that is needed for a good cook, because she was the most successful wedding chef in her city, not one wedding could not do without her !!! Now I am studying as a cook and dream of becoming a pastry chef in another country !!!. To be able to perfectly cook different cuisines of the world! Now, I have followed my grandmother’s example; I can make masterpieces for cakes. I love to make cake and cakes now is my passion. Do you like sweet cakes?