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38 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye

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ID: 366301
Irina 38 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I want a hot conversation with you ... are you ready?

Looking for:

I am looking for a passionate, generous, emotionally strong and confident man. I feel like I have a good and bad desktop application. I want to completely trust him in everything. I will get the biggest prize in my life. He will find out when he meets me. I am sure that if I want to be together forever ... Because I want to be with someone who will have an emotional and physical connection!

About me:

I am a very purposeful and passionate woman. I am called the woman Fire ... because I am very hot and emotional. If I bring a spark to me, I can ignite in a big fire. At the same time, I am very tender and soft. I want to meet a man who will allow me to be a tender kitty next to him. I want a man who will be for me a guide to the world of happiness and pleasure. And I am ready to compromise and sometimes make certain sacrifices for the sake of harmony in our relations!

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

journey. sport. snowboard. horse riding. Breeding of orchids. Reading books. Game. Learning new languages