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25 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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Alina 25 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, European bride profile, step2love.com


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Experienced, caring, romantic, gentle, understanding. Probably, this is the kind of man that every girl wants to see next to her, and I, too, of course, this is attractive, but I think it would be nice if the person was still cheerful and impulsive, just like me, a person who is ready to go on a journey he didn't know about a few minutes ago.... It all seems like simple and empty dreams, but this is what an ordinary girl wants.

About me:

Well, I'm not from a rich family, I achieved everything myself .. From early childhood, without finishing my studies, I began to grow up, although I really didn’t want to.. I had to become a woman very early and help my mother when my father disappeared in the ATO eight years ago. now I live alone and this makes me think about finding a partner, I feel that I am ready for major changes in my life. To give someone my love, my warmth and care, I want to meet a person who will appreciate sincere feelings and reciprocate, since reciprocity is the basis of a successful relationship, which I really want .... I believe that I can meet my desired and long-awaited man here ... Yes, I'm not a marshmallow .. I'm not exactly sweet, sometimes sour and bitter, in a word, not perfect, but love is needed to complement each other, isn't it?