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27 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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ID: 182887
Last seen: Month Ago
Tatyana 27 years old Ukraine Kharkov, European bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I have private photo gallery for you! Will you dare to enjoy me? ;)

Looking for:

I am looking for love and understanding. I look for the person with whom I will not be bored. I look for a man who will understand and will estimate me like the wonderful woman and who will be able to give safe and happiness for me. And I so much want to give him the same!

About me:

I have so much love in my heart and nobody to give it to. I wish to give my love to my man and give my love unlimited and forever, life is great when shared. I keep my house very cozy – clean and with aroma of sweet buns and like to do everything creative, it is a sense to leave the “anchor” and fly with the “sails”. Do we have that fair wind to bring us together?


Tatoo master