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21 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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Yaroslavna 21 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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I want such a husband that he is not afraid to take me in his strong arms and say you are mine and that's it. So that we can create bright moments together in our life together! I want a husband to whom I will be completely open, he will know everything about me and I about him too. Together we will build our little kingdom called happiness. The main condition for our happiness is love and complete trust in each other. My man should become for my support, support, and a safe haven from all adversity. And I will be the same for my man.

About me:

I'm a creative person, I like to create something new, I'm such a person for life, and it can be from something simple, small things to something big and large-scale. I was brought up to understand that everything that happens in our lives we do ourselves. I'm just starting my adult life, but I like it. I have already changed my place of residence, now I am in a bigger city and live separately from my parents. I'm still studying and will soon be an interior designer, that's why I said that I like to create and build something new. I like my profession because it is always something new and new solutions. Moreover, I can work with my profession in almost every country in the world. I'm actually very calm and don't like noisy companies, I like to spend time alone or with friends, look out the window at the birds, and just take a walk in the evening. My hobby is creativity. I also love cycling and swimming. That's why I look forward to summer and warm weather every time.