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53 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye

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ID: 340546
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Margarita 53 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: hi

Looking for:

Be my star for me. Shine for me, love me. I adore kissing. I do not mind if you would like to come here and see my family! And come to you!!! I always thought that I am polite person and people who are around me feel themselves very comfortable. Well, you need to know that I am serious in my search, so I will just look for a man who will catch my eye.

About me:

I want to put a bright image of my personality into your head now. As a woman, I am fragile and tender. I am loving, and ready to go for my man whereever he wants or has to go. If you are familiar with Russian history, I am a typical Decembrist wife. I hope this tells you a lot of how much devoted I can be. I am a woman who wants to build a family. I am pretty, sometimes a little crazy but very sweet. The main words for me are honesty, love, care and satisfaction. I mean satisfaction in all senses...


For many years he worked as a civil servant.