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31 years old Ukraine Sumy

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Alina 31 years old Ukraine Sumy, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

ohhh! hard to say at once, I would like my man to love me, my job and my style of my life. I would like him always to support me in moral way! and if i work too much - i want him to force me to go to bed earlier! is it possible to find such man!??

About me:

it is hard to say what kind of character I have!! I think that i am very passionate woman)) but i dont bite, dont worry! I am not crazy person, not wild) i am maybe calm) so you will not have problems with me, but if you decide to control me in everything - you could have problems))) i want to be equal with my man) maybe 51 percents for him and 49 for me) is it ok for you?

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I am a painter! but i am not some crazy person who doesnt care about all world around! i know that a lot of people have bad attitude to painters!! they think that if I am a painter - I am some lazy woman, who has nothing to do( it is not so! I do a lot of different kind of work - from painting of walls to painting of ladies' faces)))))))))))) I have my own business - i mean license to make almost all kind of work connected with painting) so i am all legal!))) of course i have other hobbies - but should i tell it all at once? or you will let me to keep a few secrets till we meet face to face!???