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46 years old Ukraine Odessa

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Oksana 46 years old Ukraine Odessa, European bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

I am looking for someone who is at a stage in his life where he feels content with himself. What I mean by that is someone who has a stable job, has a career, hardworking, intelligent, knows how to take care of himself and his surroundings, has a good sense of humor, a gentle temper and a sparkle in the eye and a wish to be starting a new journey with me, whilst not being afraid of time and getting to know each other. I do appreciate good manners and old fashioned courting, little things really do matter to me like opening doors and looking each other in the eye. Someone who enjoys having fun and intellectual conversations and is able to grasp not only the contemporary world but also the traditional and cultural side of life; something on the lines of not just watching programmers on television but actually going outside and exploring the world and seeing the great outdoors. Also, a passionate man with a thirst for life and a good attitude to making his woman content and satisfied.

About me:

I am a gracious and elegant woman, I like to take care of myself and look and feel great. I count myself as a fair and wise person with a gigantic sized heart full of kindness and a wickedly great sense of humor. Making people smile and putting them at ease is what I do best, funny I say that, as I do work as a dentist so it is like my second nature to be patient, understanding and caring. Though I do have a pleasing appearance with my green eyes like little emeralds sparkling in the sunshine and my blonde hair flowing in the wind, I personally feel that my inner beauty and soul are more striking than what first meets the eye. I like all things wonderful, exciting and mind consuming, just as much as I enjoy being sociable at times there is nothing better than to enjoy a quiet evening at home with a book or with a loved one, so this is why I am here looking for that someone to share my time with