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20 years old Ukraine Kremenchug

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Larisa 20 years old Ukraine Kremenchug, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: I want to be the reason for your happiness 💘🥰✨

Looking for:

I want to meet a man for whom the main value in life is family. With the first rays of the sun, wake up and feel that peace and comfort reigns around, work hand in hand for this and rejoice in every victory and support in case of defeats. This is my ideal of life. Anyone who knows how to appreciate, respect and love a woman will be incredibly kind and generous. A man - who has a lot to learn ... Having met my special man, I would like to create such a relationship so that I always understand each other without words. If you recognize yourself in my description of the ideal man, then write to me as soon as possible, because I do not want to lose you ...

About me:

Girl - fireworks! This is who I am! In life, she is a mischievous girl. I turn everyday life into holidays. I work as a make-up artist - decorating already magical girls. Not just putting on a mask on the girls, but only emphasizing their superiority! I spend my free time with benefit !!! I often go to my family, where we spend a long time in nature. I love sports in all its forms. But among all the abundance, I prefer badminton and morning jogging. In any difficult life situation, I remain an optimist. I can teach you this too!) I believe in people and that I will meet here a worthy person who needs love and support.


Make-up artist