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24 years old Ukraine Khmelnitsky

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Alena 24 years old Ukraine Khmelnitsky, Russian bride profile, step2love.com


Looking for:

I want to find a loving gentleman who will be my support and my life partner. I like strong men. And I don't mean body. Strong means for me that he can make his woman feel safe, and know that no matter what happens as long as he around our days will be only better :)) With other words - Man who knows how to be a Man.

About me:

Tender, loving, sincere woman. I am very feminine, i like to look good, cook, travel, visit social events, and makes photos. I like to spend time with my friends and have fun as well. My friends say that i can see personal true intentions just by looking at him. I think it is true, i really fast understand if person is honest with me and have serious intentions or he just play games. I can say for sure that among many women here I differ from them and you can not just forget at least one of our conversation with you.I adore morning jogging. It give the feeling of energy for all day.I love to meet and communicate with new people. Love to spend time on the nature. I love to make photos with professional photographers who see me the way i am.


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