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23 years old Ukraine Boryspil'

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Anastasiya 23 years old Ukraine Boryspil', European bride profile, step2love.com

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I am looking for a charismatic, purposeful person with a sense of humor, self-sufficient, confident, passionate about his work, physically developed, who knows how to look after and take care beautifully, not narcissistic. Partnership without prejudice to personal interests. Passion. Caring for each other. Favorable moral atmosphere, support, lack of drama and scandals. Similar interests, but different areas of activity.

About me:

How can I describe myself?) I am charming, cheerful, stubborn, demanding of myself and my environment, esthete, I love with my eyes, an activist in life, I can’t sit still, if I don’t like something, then I change it, I love Bright impressions, interesting people, easy-going, sometimes lazy. I like to close at home in the evening and watch movies. I like cats, I don't like birds and whining people. I can't stand lies and say goodbye forever. In addition, I am passionate, unrestrained in affection and love, I want to give fire and care in the best possible manifestations. I dream of my country house and real estate by the sea. I would like to be able to travel often and have my big friendly family. I want to open my own fitness studio to help people improve themselves.

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My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I like to take pictures, dance, sing, travel, listen to audiobooks, watch movies

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