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31 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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Evgeniya 31 years old Ukraine Kharkov, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

Reliable and responsible man who will never break your heart. I believe that you have many positive qualities that make you spiritually rich man! I’m looking for reliable, honest man. I want to be happy with him, create family and live all my life together with one man. As for me, family is on the first place! Moreover, you go in for sports, so I’m sure you look great!

About me:

I am high educated lady who love to create beauty. I love life and people who I meet on my way…What do I appreciate in people? Kindness, sincerity, friendliness, generosity… I understand that nobody is perfect and I see everybody as a whole, the way the person is with both positive and negative features. I’ll try to catch some special characteristic in each person I meet, individual and unique feature. That is why I do not support people who stick to the generally accepted standards and try to correspond with them.  I like to travel and open something new for myself. While visiting other countries I learn myself better and enrich my spiritual world. I want to find a man who will be near me to open everything new together.


Make up Artist