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41 years old Crimea Sevastopol

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Olga 41 years old Crimea Sevastopol, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

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relations can become ideal when two hearts are combined into one unit. when love goes from the depth of hearts, no words are uttered to feel it. being a great romantic i know that when a man burns from love there should be no words to prove this! it’s said that women’s logic is a problem for men’s psychic... so, i also want to meet a man who will try to feel my woman’s nature and who won’t reproach me for being feminine, gentle and tender. i’m not going to become a mother in relations, i want to be a woman, a lover, a friend, a companion.

About me:

i’m the one who cares… cares about everything and everyone. i don’t leave things undone, i never leave my thoughts unsaid, i never keep silence when i’m burning inside from love or whatever! this doesn’t make me ideal, but turns me into responsible and emotional person. still, i have learned to control myself, don’t be scared! i’m not a creature from hell. life is very meaningful for me and i try to fill it with plenty of positive moments. i enjoy the beauty of flying by butterfly, catch tender sunrays that try to reach my face, feel coolness of spring rain drops that roll down my face… life can be wonderful but at the same time i’m missing a great part of it… i’m missing a person who wants to share all beauties and feelings with me. being here i hope to soon feel complete and beloved…