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24 years old Ukraine Zhytomyr

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Valeriya 24 years old Ukraine Zhytomyr, European bride profile, step2love.com

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I am searching for my true love here, somebody, with whom I would love to wake up at the morning and enjoy every day of life. There are no special criteria, I just need my one and only! I am looking for a man with whom I will not be afraid to be myself. Who I can be real with. I know that such a man exists, and I definitely want to meet him. I hope this is a story about you... I am trying to share only good emotions and feeling. I am trying to be positive every day of my life. To be honesty, I dislike to argue and I hate lies. The Earth is a big round and the only one in our Universe, so why can't we be wise and gentle with each other?

About me:

I believe a quality of life depends on how person see the world. As for me, I am trying not to complain, but overcom hard moments and enjoy good moments. I do believe that a good moment can become even better if there is somebody you can share with, do you agree with me? According to this, most of the days I am a person who smiles a lot. I choose to do things I really love which fullfills me with energy. I want to find a man with whom we can look the same way on important things, and learn from each about other things. I wish we could be the best friends, who can have a passionate love.


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