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30 years old Ukraine Dnipro

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Anna 30 years old Ukraine Dnipro, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Looking for:

Smart and kind,who is wise, experienced and knows life in all its colors. Who will love me and appreciate me for who I am. Honesty is high on my list, can't do with complicated people anymore, life is short. Having the same sense of humor is really important, as life has been way too serious of late. Reliable is fairly high on my list, as is respect but they come hand in hand. Someone I can feel 'at home' .

About me:

Sporty, sassy and a bit smart-assy. I love life in spite of all the challenges it brings(My parents died when I was a child .. that's why I know WHAT IS LIFE do not look at my age) because once they are done, you become a better person with new skills and and new people as your friends.


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