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58 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye

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Lyudmila 58 years old Ukraine Zaporozhye, European bride profile, step2love.com


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I'm looking for a reliable, smart man who is looking for the same as me...simple as it is - I guess if two people don't have the same goals - and do not discuss how they see their future - there is a really little chance something could ever happen) so...I suggest you to act this way - if you are looking just for a fling...that would mean nothing..than I don't think this lady is for you) but if you would like to become the centre of the universe for somebody... (for me maybe?)) than welcome on board)) For now - I wish you a good day and hope you will get a chance to taste my tidbits)

About me:

who am I...well this is not a hard question to answer) so let's start) I am in the age when I am exactly know who am I and the most important WHAT I WANT from this life)) I am a woman of thirty....something))) to be more precise thirty and twenty years more))) and I know lots of stuff))) I know how to have a good laugh...that's actually what makes difference - you can not get bored with someone you have a good laugh) agree?) what else...I know how to dress and how to look good for my man...yes, yes - good looks are nothing and we are all into the inner world and so on...but who said I can 't posses both - good inner world AND the good looks?)) or I can only go for one?))) what else..I know how to cook - not just tasty omelette in the morning - I do it professionally cause I work as a cook) but...I don't believe that the way to the man's heart lies only through the stomach ...I guess...no no - I am SURE!!! you have to do much more for that))) and I know how to make my half happy) yeah...I am very skilful)) I am into crossword puzzles...but not into people's puzzles...I am more into easy going, simple people who do not create drama on every corner and who do not complain about everything good and bad in their lives...you know?) please don't think I only have advantages and I am all perfect) well I am close to it - but I am not) among my flaws...I love to read women's novels) the ones you already what the end will be...you know, this really silly love stories...but don't blame me)) maybe I read it only when I am single)) and if , no no...WHEN I have you I won't do that any more))) let's find this out???))