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20 years old Ukraine Kiev

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Natalia 20 years old Ukraine Kiev, European bride profile, step2love.com

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This is when a man knows a way out of any situation and is always ready to help solve my problems. He is serious, but at the same time he is ready to fool around with me like a child. An ideal relationship is a relationship in which there is a complete idyll of mutual understanding and trust, because it is very important to have a person near you who will accept you with all your principles and shortcomings. Also, this person is ready to be with me in sorrow and in joy, ready to build a future with me, achieve goals and develop. In an ideal relationship, first of all, a woman is not the one who is “a man in a skirt” and not the one who pulls everything on herself, she is a muse for her man, she inspires and motivates him, supports him in everything. The ideal husband is the one who will remember to bring my favorite milk chocolates and give gifts and flowers for no reason. He is a caring dad and always a role model for children. He always consults with his wife and respects her, she is his. An ideal relationship is a world full of love and understanding. This is when he and she complement each other, and do not always try to change something. An ideal relationship is when a man is caring, purposeful and responsible for his words. Strong and courageous, but at the same time romantic. An ideal relationship is a relationship in which the husband understands every word the woman doesn't say.

About me:

I am very funny, because I can make myself a serious madam at work, and in the evening put on cute pajamas, turn on a movie and eat up sweets. I am very unpredictable, I can be a successful businesswoman, or I can be capricious like a child) Firstly, I am very sincere, honest and I hate lies, the bitter truth is better. For me, mutual respect and truthfulness are very valuable, because this is a rarity in our world. I consider myself a purposeful and wise girl who is always ready to lend a helping hand and support. I live one day and try to be positive, because we only live once) I am successful in my business and always decide everything myself, but I really wanted to have a loving man next to me who would say: “Beloved, I will decide everything”, I would like to feel weak in his power. In response, I am ready to give loyalty and love. I am very sociable and friendly, I easily find a common language and can support any conversation. I really like to develop and learn new things, now I am taking an online course to improve my qualifications. I am interested in psychology, I recently read the book “The Subtle Art of Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson, very often I prefer this particular literature, it helps me to look at the world in a new way and perceive certain situations. I am very active, I don't like to sit at home, I love sports, traveling and meeting new people. Nowadays, girls very often look at the size of a man’s wallet and evaluate it according to it. But I believe that a successful man is not a policeman, but a man with goals, it is with a purposeful man that one can grow together, both financially and in the family hearth. When you decide to get to know me, you will notice that I have a rich inner world and incredible charm, after meeting me you will find a pleasant, bright and sincere attitude.

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