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31 years old Ukraine Kherson

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Albina 31 years old Ukraine Kherson, Russian bride profile, step2love.com

Status: LOVE

Looking for:

Looking for my important man in life! Togo for whom I will be the best woman on earth and companion in life. With whom it will be easy to go hand over the hand to walk through the expanses of life. With me, everything is always designed and understandable, I do not build an Ilyuzzi and I don't try to seem better than I am! I am as I am, and I want to treat me in a relationship with importance and take each other not only the pros, as well as it is not unavailable to take and know each other's minutes, and find finding an approach to each other.

About me:

I am smart, I think Cho with me is about what to talk about and I am not a banal interlocutor) I know when to silence and give way to a man, because how not a man's head and a woman's shy. Good betting a pledge of long relationship;) self-sufficient, I like to spend time alone as well as filling yourself with various development and books) Responsible, and you could trust me any business. true in relationships.

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most:

Responsiveness, honest, kindness, humor, initiative

My travel destinations (past or future):

In Thailand .. Norwegia ... Germany .. Greece ,, Bulgaria ... Georgia..Things .. I don't remember everything ... I want to visit Brazil in Brazil more than anything else "Clone"

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

listen to everything musuc Woman who has a plan. The rules of the happy life of "May Mask. ,, Gemin Prying-" Love for imperfection. Take yourself and others with all the shortcomings ",,, Sue Johnson -" Rightly rushing me. 7 dialogues for love for life ,,, "Gary Chepman" 5 Languages ​​". Films .. split .. mercy ..comomatics ..cpion .. See you with you ..info ... Why is he? .. Very bad girls ,, Delighted girls .. Malibu's admirator .

My favorite food:

I love salads .. I love all salads)

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

Nach life is given to us not only to learn and work, because many people consider this way. They are constantly immersed in work or books, do not even be distracted by instant holidays. His free time I love to spend differently. Sometimes for me the best option is to stay at home and read an interesting book. But sometimes I want to spend time with friends, walking around the park. There is a lot of all kinds of rest, I find in the summer: hike in the forest, rolleries and bicycles, a picnic in nature, a caress to the beach. Last I love most! The river can have so much interesting: swim, play volleyball, fish. Free time Must bring joy and pleasure. Doing constantly boring and uninteresting things you can not feel the real taste of life, and she is so beautiful, cheerful, interesting! I love to travel very much. Although I was abroad only in the nearest countries, I visited many cities of Russia. I love to travel very much. Although I was abroad only in the nearest countries, I visited many cities of Russia. Each new trip for me is not just new impressions and emotions, it is invaluable experience in communicating with new wonderful people, the opportunity to find new friends to visit merry adventures and situations. And how I love to observe the nature of different lands. Ukraine only at first glance has the same nature everywhere, but in fact every region is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Talking about sports:

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